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This tutorial is provided to give you an understanding of how to program in the BASIC language.  It starts out explaining the basics of programming and progresses slowly into how to write video games.

This website also includes lots of heavily commented! game examples and (sort-of) tutorials on how to go about making some of the more popular types of games, such as Tetris or Asteroids for example.  Check out the links on the left for the examples.  If there are no links to the left, click on Show Index to reload the page.

All of the examples used in this tutorial are written for the BlitzBASIC programming language.   You can find yourself a copy of BlitzBASIC here if you wish.  However, some of these examples should 'work' in other BASIC languages (with a little modification if necessary).  Even if they don't work perfectly in your favorite BASIC compiler, download the free demo of BlitzBASIC anyways and try them out with that compiler.  It's wonderfully easy to use and it's free for 30 days!  Not to mention that it's specifically designed for making video games, which is why I like it so much :)

We also have a forum for anyone that wants to ask specific questions about anything they've found or had trouble with on this website.  And if you're feeling generous, feel free to answer other peoples questions in the forum.

This tutorial is always a work in progress...

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