Questions without answers


Country "Music"
Why would anyone consciously choose to listen to country music?   Seriously.

By the way, have you heard what you get when you play country music backwards?
You get your wife back, your truck back, your dog back...

Personally, when I stop listening to country, I get my life back.


February 29
Why is it that if your birthday is Feb. 29, you can't enter that date as your birthday on most applications (such as credit cards)?  Do they think that that day doesn't exist?  Do they expect you to LIE on your application?


Male, Female, (or Other)
Speaking of applications, why do they only allow you to choose between male or female?  What about hermaphrodites?  What about persons born without any sex organs at all?  What about people that have undergone genital surgery?  To be fair to everyone, I propose they change applications to ask for Male, Female, Both, Neither, Unknown, or All of the Above.


Why do dictionaries list 20,000 of the MOST COMMON words?  Don't we all know the majority of these words already?  Why would we need to look them up?
"Well, what do you know Bill, 'apple' is still listed as the fruit of an apple tree, and by golly, it's still a noun too!"
I think all dictionaries should start by listing 20,000 of the most UNCOMMON words; you know, like the ones we actually would need to look up.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Why do shampoo bottles tell us to repeat?  Isn't it enough to lather once?
I think the answer may be that they just want us to use up the bottle faster so that we have to purchase another one.  What do you think?


2 girls are better than 1
Why is it that women always seem to have to go to the bathroom together?  Is it so that if one falls in, the other can pull her out?
You don't think that they need help wiping, do you?
Is it that their doodoo really DOES smell like roses???


Things are brightening up, or are they?
Why is it that if someone states that "the sun is out," it means that you CAN see,
but if they state that "the lights are out," it means that you CAN'T see?