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Caller ID
No one should have to pay extra for the so-called 'feature' called Caller ID.   Caller ID should have been a feature of all phones from the very beginning!   The only reason it wasn't was because technology wasn't advanced enough at the time to use it.  Now since technology can give us Caller ID (and more), they expect us to pay extra for it.  What nerve!
Compare it to someone stopping at the front door of your house wearing a ski mask.   Are you going to open the door and talk to them?  This is what the phone system is without Caller ID.  You should always be aware of who's ringing in (knocking at the door) before you answer.


Ruthless Internet Advertisements
Have you ever come across an internet ad like this one?  They should totally be ILLEGAL, and the perps should be prosecuted for false advertising, fraud, and for running a phishing scam.  There's nothing wrong with my computer and they should not be allowed to try tricking me into clicking on their fraudulent ad (and possibly giving me a computer virus).


Christmas shopping/music
Why does Christmas shopping start taking place before Thanksgiving even ends?   Don't you all hate the repetitive Christmas music being played at every retail store and radio station around for OVER a month straight?  In contrast, why don't we celebrate New Years day or Independence day for weeks on end?  Come on everyone!   Let's all sing Auld Lang Syne again!!  and again...   and again....

and again...
"Should old acquaintance be forgot..."


I can't stand it when people type things like...
your cool
there cool
hey man, i cant b stuffed spellin on a forum, u can read it cant u? if u cant ur dumb. But ne way, is it possible to add a title to the window? U know wat i mean,


and again...
"Should old acquaintance be forgot..."


Dvorak, not QWERTY
Why don't schools teach students to type on a Dvorak keyboard?  It was intentionally designed to improve typing speed and cause less stress on the hands.  Do we all WANT the students to type slower and to acquire RSI (repetitive strain injury)?


American Metric System
Why hasn't the United States converted over to using the metric system yet?   Really, what's the hold up?  Why do we have to waste BILLIONS of dollars like in the crash of the Mars Climate Orbiter:

The MCO MIB has determined that the root cause for the loss of the MCO spacecraft was the failure to use metric units in the coding of a ground software file [...]. [...], the data was reported in English units of pound-seconds (lbf-s). [...] Subsequent processing of the data [...] by the navigation software algorithm therefore, underestimated the effect on the spacecraft trajectory by a factor of 4.45, which is the required conversion factor from force in pounds to Newtons. An erroneous trajectory was computed using this incorrect data.

... just because of the laziness and arrogance of the people that populate this country?

Yeah, so maybe you won't be able to order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese anymore.   Big deal.  Personally, I kind of like the ring of "Royale with Cheese"....


and again...
"Should old acquaintance be forgot..."