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If you've got a PayPal account, you can use it to give me some money.  If you feel that anything you've found on my website was useful, then perhaps you may feel it was worth enough to give me a little cold hard cash.   And hey, the more money I make, the more data I'll add to my websites for you all...

It's dead easy to sign up for a PayPal account (if you don't have one already) and transfer some of your fortune to me.  You can go to a donation page to send me some money simply by clicking this button:

If you don't have a PayPal account, it's simple to sign up, and handy.  PayPal has been scientifically proven to greatly enhance the ease with which you can purchase useless merchandise on eBay.  And umpteen-thousand other Web dealers accept PayPal payments, too.

It's free to sign up - they charge your credit card $1.95 U.S. dollars as part of the validation process, but you get those dollars back as your starting account balance.

And the best part about Paypal is that I never see your account information, and you never see mine.

How much do I want from you?  What am I worth?  I'd suggest a mere one U.S. dollar, but if you purchased a couple hundred shares in Microsoft stock back in 1979 and haven't sold them yet, be my guest and give me a little bit more.

In return for your money, you, personally, will get nothing much.  However, you still will have my websites to browse and gain information from.

A sudden tidalwave of PayPal cash though, will certainly encourage me to spend more time writing stuff for my websites and less time downloading inappropriate materials and music...


Why am I doing this, besides just plain greed?  Well, because I figure there must be someone out there who actually wants to send me some money. ;)

So, if you've got a spare dollar, pound, Euro, Deutschemark or other currency of unit value roughly approximating that of a 1969 Ford GT40, err, I mean a cup of coffee, then why not send it my way?


The Small Print

It's free to send money via PayPal. If you donate $US5, for instance, exactly $US5 is what PayPal will take out of your account.

They take fees out of the money before it's deposited to the receiving account, though. PayPal charges 30 U.S. cents plus 2.9 percent of the sum.

But you don't need to care about that. You don't need to pay anything more than the amount of your donation, whatever it is, which is likely to be a small price to pay to have the chance to just give me money as if I were some kind of welfare recipient.